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Flower Preservation Testimonial
Wedding Flower Preservation in Resin

1) Resin will amber overtime if placed in an area with direct sunlight or uv light. It is recommended to display in an area with indirect sunlight. Resin can soften if displayed by a heat source, such as a fireplace, which is not recommended. Resin can get impressions if laid on textured surfaces. Rooms with high humidity can also affect the resin overtime.
*Sphere can burn in direct sunlight. The sphere magnifies the uv rays and can cause it to burn.

2) Use a microfiber cloth to wipe debris off the preservation. Cleaners can react with the resin and may cause damage. If necessary use a wet paper towel and microfiber cloth to dry out. To spot clean, you can use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. The best way to polish your pieces is with the polishing cream below. Use a small dab of the cream on a microfiber cloth to wipe off fingerprints or any debris.

Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound

3) On the back/ edges of larger blocks, trays or letters, there will be a thin line of resin. That is to seal the topcoat or any protruding flowers, please do not try to remove the seal. 

4) Keep away from pets and children. Pets can scratch or bite into the resin & cause harm. If not displayed properly, blocks can fall and hurt anyone nearby. Please display properly.

5) Pressed frames should be displayed away from direct sunlight. Natural fading or discoloring will occur over time. Displaying in a room that doesn’t have a lot of humidity is best. If the room gets too humid, you can place the frame in a plastic tote with little silica packets ( the ones you can in shoe boxes) for 24 hours. I would recommend doing this every 6 months.

Enjoy your preservation!!

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