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Answers to the most common questions about resin bouquet preservation

Preserve Flowers in Resin Bookends

We say, if you love it, then book it! There are limited reservation slots available for each event date, so once all slots are booked, we can no longer accept more. Even if you don’t have your florals picked out, there is no harm in reserving your wedding date with us! Fall months are the busiest so we suggest booking at least 6 months in advance for this season.

Yes! We accept bouquets from all 50 states. We will send you mailing instructions two weeks before your event date. 

Should flowers wilt during shipping, the studio may contact a local florist to replace them if there are not enough florals left to fulfill our vision and the cost will be added to the invoice following this. All changes will be reviewed with and approved by the customer before being made

Here at Emerald Schill Studio, we use high quality resin with UV inhibitors to help prevent ambering from happening.

Care instructions will be sent upon delivery of items to ensure long-lasting pieces! Resin turns an amber shade over time if proper care instructions aren’t followed. If care instructions are followed the ambering will be delayed for several years or decades! I currently own pieces that are 5 years old that show no signs of ambering. Care instructions are sent with item delivery which are essential to ensure your pieces will keep their clear appearance.

Pressed flowers will last depening on the humidity & sun exposure in the room you hang your frame. Unlike resin preservation, the flowers are still exposed to these elements & will show changes overtime in color. In order to slow down this process, we recommend de-hydrating your frame every 4-6 months by placing it in a airtight container with silica packets( like the ones found in show boxes) for 1 week.

We strive to preserve your bouquet to the closest possible image of its original state. Our method of preserving flowers in resin maintains the appearance of your flowers, including its shape and color, much more effectively than pressing flowers or leaving them to dry upside down. 

If you are concerned about preserving the colors in your bouquet, color enhancement is available upon request. There are certain flowers & colors that change during the drying process. This is natural due to moisture being taken out. Colors that can have drastic changes are pinks, purples, terra cotta, red. All tropical flowers also have color changes such as orchids, monstera, anthurium.

Color enhancing is available as an additional service to retain those colors. 

No, we use only the healthiest flowers that are present in your bouquet to ensure that your keepsake is the best representation of your memories. Flowers are selected after two rounds of quality checks, the first done during the cutting process, and the second after the flowers have been dried. Some translucent bruising may still exist but we work hard to present an ideal version of your bouquet in your keepsake art.

Yes! We accept both artificial and pre-dried bouquets and can preserve your wood or silk flowers in resin. Have a bouquet drying in your closet or garage? No problem, you can still preserve it from deteriorating further no matter how old!

Completion time is 20-28 weeks. The larger the order, the longer the turnaround time. For July-December orders, delivery for the winter holidays is not guaranteed but we do our best to meet all requests.

If an order needs to be canceled, the retainer fee is non-refundable. If your order is canceled 5+ weeks before the event date, your remaining balance will be refunded. If the order is canceled 4 weeks or less before the event date, only 50% of the order total can be refunded due to limited availability and reservation of resources.

We cannot ship dried flowers since they can be crushed during shipping, but you can receive any remaining flowers back if you can do local pickup!

Yes! You can pick up locally in Kokomo, Carmel, or Noblesville on Sundays with time and location to be arranged in advance.

Terms & Conditions

Retainer Policy: 

To commission any artwork made with your flowers a $100 retainer is required to reserve your event date. The retainer is NOT refundable since Emerald Schill Studio is committing resources for your selected date. A $60 late fee is added if the reservation is within less than 2 weeks’ notice. When your flowers are designed and we are ready to cast, any remaining balance including shipping and sales tax will be sent and is due within a day of receipt. If an order is canceled 60 days or less from the wedding date, only 50% of the total invoice will be refunded. If the bouquet is not shipped for any reason and the order is canceled after the event date, only 25% of the total invoice will be refunded.  If order downsizing is needed, please contact Emerald Schill Studio via email BEFORE the last payment to change the order. Once full payments are received, no refunds will be made if you need to downsize, but we can work to change items to what you would like. All custom orders must be a minimum total of $350.


Payments are done online via the Honeybook invoice sent or accepted in the form of cash. Payments are due on the payment dates listed on the Honeybook invoice unless adjustments were discussed in advance and all invoice balances must be paid before pickup. Failure of processed payments may result in a delay in the delivery of mailing instructions and materials or a halt in the preservation process. For local pickups, on-time payment is required to pick up the piece. Overdue payments will result in a halt of production or pick up of the piece. You have 2 months from the payment date to submit payment. If payment is not submitted, the preservation process will be halted and no refunds will be made of already submitted payments unless alternative arrangements are made with Emerald Schill Studio.


Preservation Process:

You are purchasing a handmade piece of floral art. Because of this, your piece will not be an exact recreation of your bouquet design and there may be bubbles and debris present and lines on the side of the piece showing the layers of resin poured may exist. You are purchasing handmade art and due to that nature items may display minor imperfections that are a natural part of every step.


Due to the nature of any type of flower/greenery, not every flower will maintain its original color, and some may darken or lighten a few shades or change shape due to the drying and preserving process. 


You should choose an appropriate display location away from sunlight or direct heat to avoid ambering. Emerald Schill Studio uses epoxy with UV inhibitors that help resist color change to ensure your artwork lasts for many years to come.


Design Approval:

Emerald Schill Studio will be designing floral layouts and you will be provided with 1-2 design layouts after 5-6 weeks of drying. Previews are offered only for bouquet blocks 8+” & all frames. Previews are not available for any add-on items. Once the floral design has been approved, no changes to the design can be made.


For smaller pieces, we request that you communicate in advance during pickup or shipping which specific flowers or items you hope to preserve. This should be indicated in the comment section of the design form or via email, otherwise, all small items will be designed as the artist sees fit.


Shifting and floating of the florals is occasionally unavoidable during the pouring stages. Emerald Schill Studio will keep the layout as close as possible to the approved layout, but sometimes last-minute changes to designs are required, and time-sensitive decisions regarding these changes are left to the artist’s discretion.


Engravings done on resin pieces include a name and date and are vinyl engravings, not etching or sandblasting. The cost for this standard engraving is $30. Additional characters may be added upon request and engraving pricing varies. Engravings on globes will be placed near the center of the globe. Emerald Schill Studio takes several measures with engravings in globes,  but cannot guarantee to be 100% straight as molds are upside down & opaque. Engravings are guaranteed to be legible & presentable.  


Order Issues: 

Once your order arrives, in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the floral preservation pieces, Emerald Schill Studio’s limit of liability is to fix any issues that might have occurred during shipping. You must initiate your intent to make your return shipment within 2 days of the date the piece was delivered to the specified address on your order form based on the delivery date posted. Due to the cost of materials and time, refunds will not be made. Emerald Schill Studio will work with you to fix any things that you are dissatisfied with if possible.



You are agreeing to the terms and conditions as they are listed and this approval authorizes Emerald Schill Studio to proceed. You may make adjustments to your order by contacting Emerald Schill Studio before pick-up. You are agreeing to take full responsibility for submitting payments on the due dates listed on the invoice.

Shipping Policies:

You will receive shipping instructions (if applicable) 2 weeks before the event date, along with water tubes. You are responsible for shipping costs to mail the flowers to the studio. Once delivered, a photo of the condition the flowers are in when they arrive (fresh flowers only) will be sent. Fresh flowers should be shipped overnight or 1-day shipping to prevent flowers from wilting. For shipping flowers, it is your responsibility to let Emerald Schill Studio know so shipping instructions and water tubes are sent in advance. 


Emerald Schill Studio is not responsible for poorly wrapped or mistreated flowers that arrive via mail or in-person pickup and flowers are dried in AS-IS condition. Emerald Schill Studio will send mailing instructions before the wedding date to ensure the best quality of flowers during shipping. Not following these instructions may cause flowers to further wilt or arrive damaged. 


Emerald Schill Studio is not responsible for any shipping delays when mailing the flowers. If there are any issues regarding shipping delays, please contact your mailing provider for resolution. Any damage caused during transit will be shown to you if you would like to file a claim with the mailing provider. For best results, please do your best to ensure the flowers arrive within 1-3 days after the wedding. During summer, it is recommended that flowers arrive 1-2 days after the wedding. 


Local pick-up is free! If you choose the shipping option, a shipping charge will be added to the invoice. For all orders, a signature release will be required to deliver your order. Emerald Schill Studio is not liable for returned mail if a signature was not obtained. An additional shipping fee will be charged if the package is returned to the sender. If there are damages and/or lost packages, an insurance claim must be filed with the mail carrier. Additional charges will apply if repairs or replacements need to be made due to lost or damaged packages.



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