The journey to your wedding day is filled with many exciting decisions so that you can have your perfect day. The second the ring hits your finger; you may start going into planning mode.
Or maybe you can finally take action on the dreams you had for your wedding since you were
little. Your wedding day marks the start of your life together. Preserve the beauty of this
moment in time through resin floral preservation.

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One of the most important decisions that you will make for your wedding day is what kind of
flowers you will have. Will you go a traditional route with a simple bouquet of roses, lilies, or
daisies? Or pick a unique mix of wild flowers? Will you choose a myriad of vibrant colors or
elegant neutrals? The flowers are a key part of the magical day. The flower girl will scatter
pedals down the aisle, they will be displayed at the head table, and held in your hands as you
walk toward your life partner. Most of your photos will include images of your flowers, which symbolize the beauty of the love everyone shares on this special day.

Not only are you on a journey to create a spectacular day, your flowers also have been on a journey to make it into your hands. You get to experience the beauty of the fresh bouquet on this momentous occasion, and just like love grows from a tiny moment, a flower grows from a small seed that must be planted in the soil so that it can grow roots. It must be watered and loved by the farmer, so that it can be harvested and sent to a florist so you can enjoy the magnificent work of nature. 

The day of your wedding is the day your relationship grows roots
so that your love can last a lifetime.

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“Plants reward you based on the amount of love you show them. If you’re cruel to them or
neglect them, they give you nothing. But if you care for them the right way, they reward you
with gifts in the form of vegetables or fruits or flowers.” This quote is from Colleen Hoover’s
popular love story, It Ends with Us, which I highly recommend reading. At the end of the day,
flowers aren’t really that different from humans; plants and relationships need to be loved and cared for in order to grow.

As you have planned your wedding day, you have probably had to modify plans and adjust so
that each moment of the event can be flawless. The flowers also must adapt to their
environment on their journey to you. Some of the pedals might be wilted or bruised, but the
flower, as a whole, has survived because many people have cared for it since it was planted into the ground. Your wedding day may have some unexpected turns, but the journey of your love, and the people who share this meaningful day with you will continue to watch your relationship grow.

| Emerald Schill Studio

A perfect way to keep one of the most important days of your life alive is to preserve your wedding flowers. Every time you see your beautifully preserved flowers by emeraldschillstudioyou will be reminded of the heartfelt journey of your wedding day. As you grow in your relationship, your modern resin bridal bouquet will be a reminder of your magnificent voyage into marriage.

Written by Abby Rose