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Bouquet Preservation

Preserve the Essence, Relive the Magic

Welcome to Emerald Schill Studio, where moments are transformed into timeless treasures. Capturing the heart of your special day, our floral preservation services evoke emotions, cherish memories, and ensure that the essence of your cherished moments lives on.

We are known for our wide range of bridal bouquet keepsakes and floral preservation options to provide you with the specific keepsakes and items you are searching for. If you don’t see the combination of keepsakes that you would like, reach out to our team to discuss other options!

Take a glimpse at the process to preserve your flowers!

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Here you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about resin bouquet preservation.

Why Choose Floral Preservation?

In a world where moments can slip through our fingers, preserving the beauty of your wedding bouquet becomes more than just a choice- it's an investment in your emotions, a piece of your journey that remains vibrant forever. As the petals freeze in time, so do the emotions, the vows, and the memories that made your day so extraordinary!

Wedding Bouquet Preservation
Wedding Bouquet Preservation for Wedding Flowers
pressed bouquet in white

Capturing Beauty, Creating Legacy​

Our artistry captures not only the visual beauty of your bouquet but also the emotions woven into their petals. With a touch of craftsmanship and a dash of magic, we transform your cherished flowers into captivating works of art that transcend time.

Your Memories, Your Keepsakes

At Emerald Schill Studio, we understand that every love story is unique. We invite you to curate your keepsakes, mix and match with your heart’s desires. The total minimum just needs to be $350. It’s about crafting a narrative that echoes your love, your journey, your memories.

Financially Smart, Emotionally Priceless

Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Investing in the preservation of your wedding bouquet is more than a purchase… it’s a decision that pays emotional dividends. Beyond the fleeting nature of fresh blooms, preserved bouquet keepsakes are a lasting reminder of the love and joy that filled your heart on that monumental day.

Monthly Payment Plan Available!

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Looking for something traditional?

Pressed Bouquet Frames

Want a more traditional way of displaying your bouquet or want to create a gift for a special person? Pressed frames are a great option! All frames are available in classic wood or white variations.


Sizes available include:



16×20″ *pictured

Pressed Bouquet Frames

Great for:

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Monthly Payment Plans Available


"Esmeralda did an incredible job preserving my bouquet!! "

Wedding Bouquet Frames

” I could not recommend her enough! She made my dreams come to life & I adore each piece! “

— Abby Noble

How it works

The Process: From Petals to Preservation

If your date is available, you will select your wedding date to pay the $100 deposit. This will  reserve your date. 

Spots are limited for each weekend. If your date isn’t available , I am fully booked for that date.

You will receive this order form within 48 hours of paying your deposit. Choose from the many options Esme can create for you. There is a $350 minimum charge for all custom orders.

1-2 weeks before your wedding or event date you will receive a drop-off location near Indianapolis, Indiana.

Out of state? No worries! Esme will send you easy mailing instructions in advance that will explain how to properly package and ship your flowers instead. Pictures & video included.

Once the bouquet is received, the preservation magic begins! The current turnaround time is 24-28 weeks, but trust the process! Our preserved wedding bouquets are worth the wait!

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The Gallery Highlights

Where Memories Flourish!

Dive into our gallery to see the enchanting transformations we’ve brought to life. Each piece is a testament to the emotions, the stories, and the love encapsulated within petals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about resin flower preservation.

Of course! The appearance of certain flowers can vary depending on the item or design ordered. If you want to know what looks best with your specific florals, schedule a video call to discuss your options!

It depends on the date. If it is a last-minute booking, there is a HIGH chance I cannot preserve your bouquet. You can still submit an order and Emerald Schill Studio will contact you to let you know if we can preserve your bouquet. A late booking fee will be applied for any orders placed with under 2 weeks’ notice.

No! We accept artificial and pre-dried bouquets and can preserve your wood or silk flowers in resin. Have a bouquet drying in your closet or garage? No problem, we can still preserve it to protect it from further deterioration, no matter how old!

My booking calendar shows my available dates to take orders. The booking calendar is also how you start the booking process. You can check availability in the link below. 



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